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Things that have happened so far this summer:
*Jim turned 21
*Shea graduated
*I went to the beach in the rain
*had a few parties at Jim's house
*partied with my brother
*Shea turned 18
*brought my dying car to the word on how it's doing yet
*I quit my job at IMS. I only work for the Polymer Program now
*got kicked out of the Doobie Brothers/Lynard Skynard concert
*went to a wedding
*got a new phone
*swam at Staffordville Lake
*said goodbye to Derek
*went to see the musical at SHS
*watched Paradyme Shift play out
*saw the Lion King at the Bushnell
*hung out with people (Mary, Torcia/Tess, Joey, Derek, Matt, Liz, Choung, etc.)

Things that are planned for the rest of the summer:
~Paradyme Shift is playing at Summerfest (July 1st) @ 4:00. Go see them
~going down to see my mom and brother for July 4th weekend
~going to California the week of July 10th
~going to Penn. to see Derek on July 21st
~going to see RENT in NYC on July 29th
~going to Mary's wedding on August 19th

That's it. There's my update :)
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