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Scar tissue that I wish you saw.

So, things have been going pretty good for me lately. I'm all moved in, with the exception of some odds and ends that aren't too important right now. I really like the apartment. My room seems so big. I have a HUGE closet. I have my dresser in there and some other stuff, and I still have PLENTY of room left to fit a crap load more. 

My mom took me shopping on Tuesday for things for my bedroom and bathroom. I LOVE my bathroom. it's so pretty. We bought a whole bunch of stuff for it. I also got a really nice new bed set and some other things for my room. She also took me out to Price Choppers to get some food to get started. Last night Jimbo came over and I made dinner for the four of us. It was good. 

My cat is adjusting suprisingly well. The first night I brought here there she was roaming around the apartment. She still runs and hides in her hiding spot (inbetween my bed and the wall) whenever she gets frightened by something (usually a car door slamming or some one walking up the stairs), but other than that, she's great. That makes me happy because I was scared that she was gonna flip out again. I think she's happy that there's no dog there.

Work has been good. I really like this job. Right now my boss is away for about 4 weeks in Korea, so i'm running the show. I make my own hours (I try to work 10-3, but this week I've been leaving a little early) and have no one to report to. Kim doesn't like the fact that YoungHee emailed her telling her I'd work 10-3 everyday while she was gone, but I had the authority to come in late or leave early if I wanted to. She was checking up on me today a little bit. But there's nothing she can do, so fuck her :-)

Alright that's it for my update. Nothing much else to say. 

Pictures of the apartment to come. 

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