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Well I'll be...

So I figured I'd update a little bit, since I haven't done so in a while. I don't even remember the last thing that I talked about. So forgive me if I've already written about some of this stuff....

I'm officially an HDFS major now. So that's exciting. What's even more exciting is that I'm still going to graduate on time (Spr. 08). The only not so exciting thing is that my course load is a lot. Spr. 07 I'm taking 7 classes, worth 18 credits I believe. Then I'm taking a class during the May summer session (a stupid Q course I have to get out of the way). Then Fall. 07 I'm taking about the same amount of classes. I know it's 17 credits. Then I'm probably going to have to take a winter session course so that I can get my minor in Psych. Then in Spr. 08 I'm taking a 9 credit class (which I'll talk about later, it actually looks like a great class)...yikes! Usually they only want you to take one class with it, but of course I'm taking 2. And one of them is a writing class. But then I'm all DONE! The funny thing is that I'm taking advanced level HDFS classes at the same time I'm taking general HDFS classes, like HDFS 190 - Intro to Family Studies. It amuses me a little bit. 

Other than that, life has been good. My apartment situation is going along somewhat smoothly...well as smoothly as one can expect it to be. I joined the gym down the road from my apartment at the end of Sept. I go three times a week.  I usually go to one of the classes and then twice on my own. Starting this upcoming week, though, I'm doing classes two times a week and once or twice (depending on class load) I'll go on my own. It's a lot of fun. Tess and I go together to the classes. I really like the instructor. Her name is Lauren and she just graduated from UCONN. She's nice and we joke around a lot when we see eachother/when I'm in class. So that's an added bonus.

Things with school are going good. My classes are decent. I've got an A so far in my Abnormal class (we've only had one test and I got a 95). I've got a B+ in my Developmental Class (I think the prof. is like days from croaking, which is so SAD/MEAN to say, but it's true). My personality class I've got about a B+ ish. We've had two exams so far and I got an 88 on one and an 84 on the other. I'm doing great in my HDFS class. I've gotten an A on both quizzes so far. We just took our first exam in that class on Tuesday. I think I did good, but I don't know for sure yet. We'll see next Tuesday.

My weekends have been busy hanging out with people. Last weekend Jimbo and I decided to take a break and just relax and see eachother, so that was nice. We ended up going to the Trail of Terror in Wallingford (?) with Torcia though (Tess was in NY visiting her family). It was amazing!! We waited in line for FOUR hours! But it was all worth it. It was creepy. If you haven't gone to it, you should. It's fantastic. 

Work is good. I really like it up here. It's so much better than it was downstairs. I think I already said that I got a dollar raise, but I'm still excited about that. I'm making some good $$ now, which helps when you have to pay the bills. lol. The other day UCONN sent me some money. I think it was left overs from my loans/grants, etc.  It was a nice amount. So I got to pay off my credit card and pay off all but $800 of my braces. So that made me even happier bc that means my paychecks from now on are mine (with the exception of bill time).

This weekend is going to be nice. Tonight after work I'm going to see my mom. Then I'm going right to Jimbo's to watch our shows, etc. Tomorrow we're getting up to do some errands/go to the corn maze in Manchester (?). Then Haider, Torica, Tess, Jimbo and I are going to go see The Grudge 2. Should be good. Sunday I'm going to Melissa B's babyshower (I used to work with her at Millpond).

Next weekend's going to be fantastic too! lol I'm so excited for next weekend already! On Sat (28th) is Mary's babyshower. Then after that, we're throwing a Halloween/costume party at my apartment. It's going to be so much fun! Lucky for us, Derek's coming home that weekend anyways, so he's gonna be there. I invited about 5 other people myself. I know Tess and Torcia invited about the same amount of ppl. lol. So it'll be a houseful of dressed up people.

Alright, I think that's all I have to say. I should get back to work. lol. My boss is out to lunch so I took this opportunity to update! :-)

I promise I'll try and update more often. My life has been getting interesting lately, so I have things to talk about again! lol.


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