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The Science of Selling Yourself Short

Well, looks like I lied. It's been only slightly less than two years since my last update. I don't know why I bother updating, but hey. I felt melancholy today and wanted to look through old entries so I decided to update before taking a lovely trip down memory lane.

Two years is an awfully long time and once again, so much has happened. I'll try and sum it up so nice and neat like the last time, but I'm in a rambling mood, so no promises.

A year ago, today, I left my job at Uconn and started working for a company called Integralis. BEST thing I've ever done. I love my job. I enjoy going to work, I love my boss, and I love the people I work with. Recently, as of last week, I took on more responsibility and it's going to pay off. A trip to the UK is in my near future and on the company dime. Couldn't ask for more. lol.

Apartment wise, I lived in my Wethersfield apartment for a year with Liz and it was really nice. For the entire year, no fights, no drama. It was awesome. I now live in Manchester in a one bedroom apartment. Minus the few leaks I've had due to too much snow on the roof, I like my apartment. It's in a good location to my life. Living alone is pretty cool. I thought I'd be lonely, but I'm not. I like coming home and not having to interact with people unless I want to. Things are where I left them (usually on the and I can do what I want when I want. It's a good deal.

Relationship wise....are you ready for this? I'M SINGLE! lol. And have been since June 2010. 8 months now. The longest I've been single since I started my dating thing in 2002. And for the most part, it's been good to me. I like concentrating on me and only me. Eventually I want to start dating and all that stuff, but for right's nice to be alone. I can put my efforts into myself instead of someone else. And besides, I'm not alone, I've got my lovely people in my life. I feel content and complete.

I've had my ups and my downs, I've had my fair share of downs, to paint a realistic picture. But I have faith that things are going along how they should. I'm figuring things out as they go along.

Meh. That's it. Guess it seems like I haven't done much with my two years, but I have. I've just lost that...naive sense about me to post it for all the internet world to see...

See you in two years LiveJournal.
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