Autumn (goddessrenpet) wrote,

Lazy Days

Happy 2014 :-)
I've got some down time in the next week or so, so I figured I would do a quick update!

I recently put in my resignation in the job I've had for the last 4 years. Another offer came up, that I couldn't resist (they pursued me). It's approximately 13 grand more a year in base, a better commission plan, and it's a manager's position. The things this company can offer me is more in line with what I'm looking for in my future career, so even though it was difficult, I made the choice I had to make.

I offered to stay until the end of the month, at my old job, was told that was cool. I started training people and then one week after I put in my resignation (last Wednesday) they pulled me into HR and told me that they are giving me 2 weeks PTO, blah blah blah, we know you're stressed and doing school (more about that later), we need to learn (literally I'm the only person in the company until I started training people who knew how to do what I do), blah blah blah, you're on call if we need you (which is why they're paying me for these two weeks), blah blah blah, but you can't keep your laptop (can't really help without my laptop/quotes/files). So I had two days to wrap things up when I thought I had two weeks. And now here I am! Two weeks off until I start my new job (well, less than that now). That being said, after that bullshit, I realized even more that it was the best decision for me. Things just aren't the best at my old company. Time to move on!

So, school. Nothing fantastic, but I am taking a few courses online for Project Management so I can get a certification in it and then go from there if I want to. I'm not sure if it's something I want to pursue, but it's never hurtful to have a certification in Project Management. It automatically bumps up your worth.

Other than that, life is fantastic!! Paying off my debt still, I expect to have my big credit card paid off by April/May time frame. So excited about that! After that's paid off all I have is my student loan and car payment.

Patrick and I are going along strong and life is just...wonderful lol. We live together, used to work together (until I quit recently), and shit just works. Happiest I've been in a long time. <3 Biffles.

Hmm....other than work and school, mostly everything else is the same, so I don't have too much to update!! Once the new job starts, I'll have something to update, hopefully it's everything I want it to be and more. But I can't see how it won't be!
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