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2015 bring it baby!

Another year gone - I can't believe how fast time goes by lately. So, let's sum up 2014!

I started my new (well not so new now) job in February.  It's had it's ups and it's down, but overall, it's good. They really give a shit about me, so I've been able to get some changes made to help me get things done. It's still a long road - they've had nobody doing this job before me, well, nobody who was soley focused on it. And there's a lot of reorganizing and catching up that I've had to do and still have to do. Hopefully within this next quarter, I will get back to where I like to be. I had a good year here. In this last month alone I brought in 2.5 million dollars of revenue. I think I did 6.5M overall since Feb. Not too shabby. Once I'm on track, I expect I will be able to bring in more than that this upcoming year.

In July I ran in a road race 5K in my parent's home town. It was a spur of the moment thing because I had to miss out on an obstacle course run due to a cold. I had never really even run before! I was able to get in like...3 runs before the race. But I got it done, did it in a reasonable time - 41.49 (13.45 pace) and wanted to die, but after that I was hooked. I started running, a lot. I pushed a bit too much and ended up getting a calf strain and peroneal tendonitis so I had to take a few months off. I got back into running a bit slowly after that. But somehow ended up aggravating the tendonitis. From research I think I need to change my shoes up a bit, with some heel inserts. The physical therapist I saw mentioned how my muscles are naturally tight and I need to focus on stretching a lot more than normal. With heel inserts, my achilles won't have to strain so much. Even though I was hurt I ran my second 5K in December. Improved my time a bit - 39.56 (12.52 pace)! I was hoping for better, but between the injury and how cold it was things didn't go quite as I planned. I've taken some time off since then to let it heal properly, but I am looking to start up again - super slow. I have a 5 mile race in March I need to do. And I want to run an 11.52 pace for that.  But one day at a time lol. It's more important to heal properly than to run one race. So yeah, my life is running. If I can't run, I read about it, follow people who run, etc. etc. I invested in a treadmill recently so that I don't lose any opportunities to train in the winter. It's not necessarily the cold that gets me, it's the dark. I am not a fan of running around my neighborhood at night. Only a couple more months until spring and I can run outside again!!

A few weeks after the July 5K I did my first obstacle 5K! I went with 3 ladies from my "gym." We made a girls weekend out of it. It was so much fun!! Lots of mud, obstacles, laughing. It was an all female one, so there was less pressure for my first one. I had so much fun with that. I'm signed up for 2 or 3 this upcoming year.

Recently my mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. It started out with a lump, but after an MRI the doctors noticed it was in the entire left breast, so she has to have a mastectomy. Her surgery is tentatively scheduled for Feb. Unfortunately we don't know yet whether or not she can do radiation or if she'll have to do chemo. We won't know until after her surgery. Which is the hardest part at the moment. After her surgery she is going to come stay with Patrick and me so I can keep an eye on her and make sure she heals up properly. There's too much stress with where she is living now.

Finally, big, happy news - Patrick proposed to me on Christmas eve! Christmas eve is also our decided two year anniversary, since that's the first time we saw each other after we decided to stop being idiots and start dating. lol. So now I have a wedding to plan!! So many things to think of and money to save. Right now we're looking into April 2016. So my mom can get through her thing and we can save and plan and not be too stressed....since no matter what you do wedding planning is stressful lol.

So yeah, that's 2014 in a nutshell! 2015 will be a good year. Running, 5Ks, wedding planning, turning 29 (AAAHHH, how am I almost 30 already????), vacations, taking care of my mom, and all of that other stuff!

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